How to change Tinder app icon (to Tinder gold)?

Change Tinder app icon

Did you that when you have upgraded to Tinder gold, it is possible to change your Tinder icon?

  • Go to your Tinder profile.
  • Tap on Settings – gear icon.
  • And in the bottom, there is an App Icon menu. Change to Tinder Gold. It is only possible to change this icon if you are a Tinder Gold subscriber.

There are also many other ways to customize Tinder app icon. You can use Shortcuts app on iPhone – it should newer iOS – after iOS 14. Then via Shortcuts app, you can upload any app icon, save it to home screen and it will redirect you to Tinder app after you tap on it.

To change Tinder app icon, you can also search for numerous Widget apps in App Store, which already have Tinder app icon designs included. It can be much easier setup this way.