How to check if you can use Umax for free

If you're wondering how to check if you can use Umax for free, look no further. We have a simple guide to help you determine whether you qualify for this service. Umax, an innovative app that allows users to convert physical photos into digital files through scanning, offers a great opportunity for users to experience their scanning service for free. Here's how you can find out if you are eligible:

  1. Start by uploading three selfies: The first step towards determining your eligibility is to upload three of your own selfies. This helps Umax verify your identity and ensures that you are an active user of the app.
  2. Tap the "redeem" button: Once you have successfully uploaded your three selfies, tap the "redeem" button. This action initiates the process of redeeming your free scan.
  3. Share your invite code: To qualify for the free scan, it is essential to share your invite code with three friends. This ensures that you have invited a sufficient number of friends to be eligible for the offer.
  4. Check referrals: After sharing your invite code, you might encounter a message that says "checking referrals" without any further action taking place. In such a case, it is possible that either you did not invite three friends, or your friends did not enter the code correctly. Make sure all the necessary steps are followed by you and your friends to ensure a successful referral.
  5. Redeem your free scan: If everything goes smoothly and you have met all the requirements, you will be able to redeem your free scan. This means that you can avail yourself of Umax's scanning service at no cost.
  6. Scan away: Once you have successfully redeemed your free scan, you can proceed to use Umax's scanning feature. Capture high-quality digital versions of your physical photos and conveniently access them on your devices.

It's important to note that while some users have encountered difficulties during the process, the majority have been able to successfully obtain a free scan. If you encounter any issues, try following the steps again or contact Umax's support team for assistance.

In conclusion, checking if you can use Umax for free is a straightforward process. By uploading three selfies, sharing your invite code, and following the necessary steps, you can easily determine your eligibility for a complimentary scan. Take advantage of Umax's innovative service and preserve your cherished memories in a digital format.

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