How to check your maximum battery capacity on iPhone?

so here is a iPhone and sometimes when you purchase new iPhone new model your can be super interested in your battery capacity like when you purchase new phone like three months ago you want to be sure that your battery capacity is still at 100 or after how many months of charging does it go to like 95 or 99 or something like that so for example an iPhone 14 pro like on any other phone just go to settings you can go to battery and then here you can see battery house and charging and then here you can see maximum capacities uh uh front batteries like all rechargeable batteries a consumable components that become less effective as they age and then you can just go and see maximum capacity here this is a measure of battery capacity relative to one it was new lower capacity result in fewer hours of usage between charges so here you can see still it's like 100 capacity but after the user fund for example few months I don't know five months depending on the model depending how often do you use it and how often do you charge this maximum capacity can just go down so yeah that's basically what it is that's like a feature you have here uh uh so yeah hope that is helpful

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