How to choose a $Cashtag in Cash App? Guide

How to choose a cash app in Cash App? So when you create your Cash App account, meaning you entered your phone number, you confirm this with text verification. Then, yeah, probably you added your debit credit card and then the next step is to choose a Cash App if you're creating the Cash App the first time. So, yeah, for example, of course, you just want to have like first name, but it's really unavailable. The Cash App is kind of already years in the App Store. So, yeah, you just select like any you like and then if it's available, you will see how it will look like in the bottom. And then you can see that doesn't matter if you have if you use uppercase or smaller case, it won't change the availability. And then you can just set it up like this and then just tap next. And then you can see if the cash like cash stack is available, the green button in the bottom will light up and then you will be able to proceed. So, yeah, that's how you do it.

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