How to claim expired Worldcoin grants? Can you do it

Recently, there has been discussion around the process of claiming expired Worldcoin grants. The question arises: Can you still claim these grants after they have expired? To shed some light on this, let's delve into a firsthand account.

An early adopter of the Worldcoin app shared their experience regarding claiming grants. They mentioned being active on the app since summer 2023 and diligently claiming grants from that period. However, upon examining the app, they noticed that while grants from the 7th of August onwards were visible, certain earlier grants, like the Genesis grant, were missing.

It appears that if a specific deadline for claiming a Worldcoin grant passes, such as the grant being available until a certain date like March 11th, it becomes inaccessible in the app interface. These expired grants do not appear on the screen, making it impossible for users to interact with them. The inability to click or tap on these hidden grants indicates that once the deadline lapses, the grants essentially vanish from view.

The individual concludes that it seems claiming expired grants is not possible based on their observations. It is noted that at some point, these grants appear to have been removed from the app, rendering them unclaimable after the stipulated deadlines have passed.

In the realm of Worldcoin grants, it appears that once a grant expires, it simply ceases to be accessible within the app. This insight into the handling of expired grants provides valuable clarity for users navigating the Worldcoin ecosystem.

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