How to clear cache in CapCut app? (Video)

How to clear cache in CapCut app?

  1. Tap on Settings in the top right.
  2. Tap on Clear Cache.
  3. "Don't worry, clearing cache won't delete your drafts." Tap OK.
  4. If you are using CapCut a lot it is a good idea to clear cache once in a while, as it will clear storage on your phone.


hey everyone so how to clear cache in capcut app so tap on settings in top right and then here you have an option to clear a cache so there you have it clear and cache won't delete your draft click ok so if you're using this video editing app for a lot of your project obviously cache can accumulate like hundreds of megabytes might be even like gigabytes of data and then it will fill up storage in your device so just clear the cache and then you clear up some storage in your mobile

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