How to clear conversations in SnapChat MY AI bot?

and there's a huge Snapchat and now they have this my AI chatbot this this bot you can chat and send all the different stuff like uh just yeah don't use it a lot for like some specific advice and all of that but yeah you can just easily chat with with this uh Port um so yeah that's the idea um but how to clear conversations because this chatbot is actually uh we'll be using of course your conversations to improve its model and um yeah and all of that but you can clear clear it so what you need to do just go to settings in top right and then go to clear data and then clear my AI chat queries by selecting confirm you will delete all my AI data are you sure and then you step confirm and then your chat queries should be deleted so let's explore if they are deleted and yeah there you have it so now I just deleted my queries right here uh so yeah and then you can just chat again um so yeah try it out

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