How to close Revolut under 18 account as a parent?

Revolut is a popular mobile banking app that offers a range of services for users of all ages. However, if you are a parent and want to close your child's Revolut account, you may be wondering how to go about it. In this article, we will explain the steps to help you close a Revolut under 18 account as a parent.

To start the process, you will need to access the Revolut app. Once you are in the app, navigate to the "hub" section located in the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on the option that corresponds to under 18 accounts.

Upon entering the under 18 settings, you will see various options and configurations related to your child's account. To proceed with closing the account, tap on your profile, which should be displayed among the available settings.

After tapping on your profile, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Here, you will find an option to close the account. Simply tap on this option to initiate the account closure process.

It's important to note that closing the account will permanently disable it and remove any associated data. Therefore, ensure that you have backed up any necessary information before proceeding with the closure.

In addition to the account closure option, you may also find other settings pertaining to your child's account in this section. Take a moment to review them if needed.

And that's how you can close a Revolut under 18 account as a parent. By following these steps within the Revolut app, you will be able to efficiently close your child's account and ensure that their information is no longer accessible.

Revolut offers a simple and straightforward process for parents looking to close an under 18 account. This feature provides control and peace of mind for parents who wish to manage their child's financial activities.

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