so here is uh spotify and if you tap on your icon in top right here is your account and then yeah you can just go there and then you can see your username your email but then it says to close uh your account permanently uh you just need to conduct support so then you just need to tap there and then you will be redirected to support and you'll be able to close your account from here so first of course they tell here that uh if you've got premium you can just unsubscribe and then you don't need to close your account you could continue listening to spotify for free if you don't have premium um you can just uh yeah then you need to close an account if you don't need like listening to spotify for free don't like it have concerns about your privacy and data you can close your account and then just go here tap and then you need to log in and follow all the steps there are like quite a few of steps and then even then you can reopen your account after seven days so that's basically the process

How to delete your Strava Account? ...
How to delete your Strava Account? - Step by step guide
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