How to connect web3 wallet to Instagram?

hey there so how to connect digital wallet web free wallet to Instagram account so just go to your account and then tap on a menu in the top right and then you can see digital Collectibles and then a shared digital Collectibles fish followers and fans connect the digital digital wallet to share your nfts securely connect digital wallets like trust wallet and rainbow share your collection from multiple blockchains like you can share your nfts now on Instagram and you will be tagged in the digital Collectibles you created or own so just get started you can disconnect your digital wallet anytime you can control who can tag you as greater owner you can turn to factor authentication and then yeah basically here you can connect coinbase Dapper matter mask Phantom rainbow trust wallet if you don't see your uh wallet is just as currently we will support only these Wallets on on mobile so maybe maybe there are additional boilers on like I don't know but Instagram is only available on mobile so maybe you can figure it out somehow through Facebook but yeah that's basically the idea but anyhow that's how you can connect coinbase wallet to Instagram

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