okay so here is locate widget app which is quite viral right now a lot of people are using it really amazing app but there are still some bugs with this app some people can't add the widget some people can't create an account can't log in and probably this app is just developed by a few developers at the moment um so of course you can just try to update your app like restart your phone check your wi-fi connection all of that if it still doesn't work i think this is the the supported email address help at and you can try to reach out so that's what you can try to do [Music] of course you can also comment under this video maybe some other people will help because this is such a new app there aren't like many support articles or all of that so write to help at and then uh yeah we can also go to their to the website which is uh spelled like locket dot camera so i think that's the the website of the locket widget app but then it just redirects you to the app i think in the app store uh so that's about it hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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