How to contact support in NGL q&a app?

how to conduct support in ngl apps so just tap on your icon in top right and here you can tap i need help and then you can just send a message on instagram so then ngl will want to open your instagram and that's the only way that you can reach out to them so then you can just tap message and then you can clarify some some questions so okay you need okay so that's so seems it's not really working because you can't message an account unless they follow you so that's the setting here so unfortunately probably you are not able to to to actually conduct their support um doesn't work maybe you can go to their website and then from their website you can contact them so let's just do ngl so here it is uh so usually maybe you can just read their privacy policy and here yeah you can see email you can reach out to them hello so that's what you can try to do if you have any additional questions

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