How to contact support in PrizePicks app?

hey there so how to contact support in price Peaks app so here's price Peaks Fantasy game a lot of people can can't create an account here or it says your account under review and then it just takes two months for for that account to be there um so yeah uh that's what it is so you can always go to app store and then you can just tap app support then you will be redirected to to their website then you can just tap on help and then help center and then in the bottom you can just go here chat with representative and then you can just send a message so that's like a standard standard intercom chat so maybe if you do that that that can help you out or you can clarify your situation why you can't sign up or why you can't create an account or anything like that so maybe yeah it really can help you out in this way so yeah other than that yeah so that's basically the the idea here hope that can be helpful and if you have any other solutions to to this feel free to leave comments down this video

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