How to control volume on AirPods 3rd generation?

Hey everyone! If you've recently purchased the AirPods 3rd generation and are wondering how to control the volume, you're not alone. Many users have found themselves in the same situation, trying to figure out how to turn the volume up or down on these latest AirPods.

Unfortunately, adjusting the volume directly on the AirPods 3rd generation is not possible. Instead, you will need to rely on Siri, Apple's voice assistant, to control the volume for you. Simply say "Hey Siri" and then ask her to turn up or turn down the volume. It's a simple and convenient way to manage your audio levels without needing to reach for your device.

However, it's worth noting that this method works when listening to content from apps like YouTube or Spotify. While it may seem a bit inconvenient at first, keep in mind that the AirPods 3rd generation come with other touch controls that can be useful.

For example, pressing the force sensor on the AirPods once will pause the audio or video you're listening to. Tapping it again will resume playback. Additionally, if you double tap the force sensor, it will skip forward, while a triple tap will skip back. These controls provide an alternative way to interact with your AirPods.

It's important to understand that the controls on the AirPods may vary depending on the generation. The 2nd generation and 1st generation AirPods have slightly different methods for controlling volume and playback. It seems like Apple is continually experimenting to find the best approach for their wireless earbuds.

Some users may prefer having a physical button to control volume, especially in situations where talking to Siri may not be convenient or desirable. For instance, if you're commuting or in a crowded place, constantly using voice commands may not be ideal. Hopefully, future iterations of AirPods will incorporate this feature.

While it may take some time to get used to the controls on the AirPods 3rd generation, they do offer a convenient and hands-free way to manage your audio experience. With a simple "Hey Siri" command, you can easily adjust the volume and enjoy your favorite content seamlessly.

In conclusion, controlling the volume on the AirPods 3rd generation is not done directly on the device itself. Instead, you can rely on Siri to handle it for you. Other touch controls are available, such as pausing, resuming, skipping forward, and skipping back, by using the force sensor on the AirPods. While it may not be the most traditional method, it offers a new and innovative way to interact with your wireless earbuds.

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