hey everyone so i just installed my nba 2k22 app and then you can log in with steam or nintendo sony but you still need to have 2k account so let's just try to do that um let's just try to create 2k account here so yeah like this so you can again sign up sign in either with a playstation xbox nintendo or steam so let's try to do it with steam because i already have an account there so now i i think i'm in so it asked me for some like access code for this desktop but then yeah i just got it into the email and then my account successfully linked so now i need to create an 2k account so now i enter all the information and then i just tap submit let's see what happens down verification email has been sent so now i have my 2k account um yeah where i just have links to all of these eps xbox epic games accounts so there you have it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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