How to create a favorite contacts list in Cash App?

Hey there, so how to create a favorites list in CashApp. So yeah, it's a new feature, as I understand. So just tap on your profile in top right and then you have favorites here and then you can just tap add to favorites or you can tap yeah add to favorites. Then here you can just search through your friends, filter out your friends who you want to add it. There are some suggestions and you can just give access to your contacts or just people you sent money before and then you can just add someone to this favorite list and then it just makes easier to pay people this way and then you can just see them already how many people are there in favorites. And then you can also just unfavorite or you can go to that account, to a specific account. Like I can just go to this account and then I can tap favorite from here and then you will also see this green star icon in the top left. So that's the idea and then yeah that's just easier to send people and use the CashApp as your favorite contacts.

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