to create a group in cappuccino app just um here's your groups and then you can tap new group join group is a code or create a new group so you can just create basically depending on which community are you organizing it for and then you can just record welcome bean hello welcome to mr hakio group and then you can just add some images or pictures and then send send your pin in invite your friends and that's basically how easy it is then there are some settings you can see previous cappuccinos you can leave group you can invite friends you can see members and roles to invite friends here just tap in top right so if you don't know cappuccino is like a audio diary with your friends so you invite your friends to this group all of them report beans which are basically like three minutes or much less updates what are you doing right now what do you think like what's happening you just record that cappuccino adds some a little nice like music background and then all of the updates are combined into one like big cappuccino audio file and then you listen to it in the morning so that's basically the idea of the app and it's interesting very interesting concept so give it a try if you found this useful consider supporting my channel we are super thanks

How To Make A Group On Snapchat 202...
How To Make A Group On Snapchat 2022 [ Easy Tutorial ] | Online Help Guide | Snapchat Guide
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