hi to create a locket and locate widget app tab in top left and then you can just create a new lockup tap in the bottom make sure you added the widget to your home screen so without that this app wouldn't won't work there is actually some bug here because when i'm added to the home screen it still shows me up that it's it's not added but like i i added it and then create a new locket anyhow i hope it will work on your device and then you can just select create different groups from one person from and then select by different topics like colleagues everyone travel class friends and then just add multiple people in each group and yeah just do like that and that's basically the idea and then um you can just add that widget just by uh tap and hold and then you can tap plus in top left or top right and then you can just select lock it and then select either small widget bigger and then you also can add best friend to crash widgets you can select huge widget select one friend and then you can just tap to edit it edit widget pick a friend a group of people so here from your widget section you can select your locket and that's how it works then you will be able to receive pictures from your friends or group of friends or from your best friend and send pictures to these groups

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