How to create a playlist of videos on TikTok?

did you know that you can create playlists of your videos on Tick Tock so this is interesting new feature which you can try out Creator played this feature on Tick Tock allows creators to categorize their public videos and help viewers to watch relevant videos in series so at the moment not everyone can do that so if you have access you'll be able to see a video step on your profile so if you just tap on your profile in the bottom right you should see videos tab sounds like a separate tab I don't see it now so it's it's not available for me yet but how women here yeah sorry this video and you see the example of this playlist like that for example fight or just it's just some random account so you see example of this like categories and playlists so if you have access to that video tab follow the steps in the app to name your playlist and add videos keep in mind you can only create applied this list with your public videos so that's that in your Tick Tock app go to your video that you want to use to create tap on three dot icon in the right of the video tap add to playlist and create a playlist so there you have it um you can add or remove or manage playlist but this is a new feature it's been rolling out maybe two specific creators or uh yeah so it doesn't say here why or when it will be available for everyone

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