How to create a post in Bluesky Social app? Can you post videos?

here's Blue Sky private Beta app and how to post here so as you can see it's at the moment it's very limited there are like three thousand I don't know four thousand people here right now the amount people are mostly posting like is there pictures of cats or just different frames of the sky because that's the point like uh you need to uh uh post like a blue sky or something like that and yeah but yeah you can easily post just by typing in the bottom right here is an icon and then you can just add a text or you can add an image so image you can add from your camera or from a camera and you can only post like 256 characters and that's it um so that's that's how it works it's not possible to add gifs videos it's not possible to post like a voice message or start a space or audio room or anything these Advanced features are not yet reliables it's the app is very basic but yeah when you credit your account you can now post and then you can like reply retweet your messages so there you have it

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