How to create a username with your domain in Bluesky social app?

here is Blue Sky did you know that you can add your domain to your handle so for example here you have Larry at uh dot Bluesky social or Iran Blue Sky social uh but you can do like uh my name dot yeah it's a new thing for this decentralized app so to do that just go to change my handle and then I hand on my own domain and it's super easy to set up you just have this DNS record which you can verify with your domain so yeah for web developers I constantly do it doing it is super simple but if you don't have any experience or don't know what the hell this means you can just if you own a domain you can just contact your domain provider can be go daddy name cheap whatever and then just asking their support center so they need to add this txt record to your domain if you own it and then you will be able you know Alice at so that will be your username at Bluesky um otherwise you can just use their their own domain as I did Andre at the dot so that's just their own domain but yeah this is the scene with these decentralized apps where you can just have handle and have it attached and to uh yeah to your own domain it's kind of pretty cool so yeah there you have it how that's helpful

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