to sign in to chai app here you have options with facebook google and apple and there you have it like i tried it yesterday but uh it didn't work but today it works yay so so i just want to set my name and avatar submit the next and then swipe plus four more and then uh basically this is the app as i understand where you can we can you can chat with this ai bots so there you have it so yep there you have it that's how you create an account here is the cha app chat with ai bots uh swipe chat meet the ai so if you're a bit lonely or something like that or you just want entertainment you can just chat with ai uh discard chat ai's from around the globe and speak with them to discard their capabilities uh chai has a conversation to make your day whether you're a chatterbox of tech finance simply looking for labs there is something for everyone so there you have it

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