How to CREATE ACCOUNT IN CHATGPT? Quick overview

so here is viral app called GPT chat um and yeah to create an account just go to chat and then just tap sign up so this is uh yeah this is how you can create your account you can just enter your email address and sign up is email or you can continue with Google or Microsoft account it's not possible to use Twitter or Facebook um so yeah that's basically that so just tap continuous Google and then for example we can just try that let's see what happens it's not available as an app it's available only in the in the browser so yeah you can see this is a free research preview our goal is to get external feedback in order to improve uh systems and make them safer so yeah while we have save cards in place or the system by occasional genre in curriculum misleading information and produce offensive unbiased content is not intended to give advice [Music] conversations might be reviewed by our trainers to improve our system please don't share any sensitive information in your conversations the system is optimized for dialogue let us know if a particular response was good on helpful share feedback in Discord server [Music] so here you can see some examples explain Quantum Computing simple terms remember what user said earlier in the conversations uh so you can provide follow-up Corrections but there are a lot of limitations as well so yeah and then you will just search from GPT chat let's okay so something like that it's actually good that that's what I say here and then yeah you can just try this app there is no like a specific app it's only in the web browser hope that is helpful

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