so here is the app just called tribal social media down right so let's just tap cat and uh yeah here's how you can install it uh yeah it's recently it's in the top charts of social networking so i was just figuring maybe i'll just do an overview a new grassroots social network is finally here one that has style cards in place that will put morality throughs and wear the people first and has innovative new features that will lead social media towards brighter better future it's smarter social network normal and less scrolling no more waiting for action find experts in any topic become a star contributor in your topic of expertise it's a really great eye for projects humans only seen is notification issue way better than facebook you can pick your target audience and get your post out there so yeah some people are quite happy about it because obviously a lot of people are unhappy with facebook and twitter that's why there are so many alternative apps recently so i just need to um so this is the app and then you can just create your account uh so it's easy to sign up use facebook or apple here so to create the account that's what you do and then you can just continue and that's basically it and then your account is created yeah um so then you just select which feed you would like to set this your homepage so trending feed okay save and there you have it then you can just have so that's basically how it looks like and now this is the app uh this is it it looks like pretty simple here are some messages here is your profile there are some notifications there is some menu um yeah so that's basically how it looks like um so yeah that's the app i will do more research on it i'll try to use it and then will notify you

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