so how to create AI avatars in down AI app I'll just try to show you what around in this app yeah so like the the main uh positive thing about this app is that it allows you to create the first set of AI avatars for free compared to Lanza AI or compared to some other apps where you just need to pay like five dollars or six dollars for like set of 50 AI avatars here you can just do it for free but then you will need to upgrade if you want more so how it works you just open the app and then you need to create your own tag so your own tag is just basically your model how do you do that uh you just applaud like 8 10 selfies of yourself and then you need to wait a bit in my case I needed to wait actually a few hours in a free version because probably the servers were overloaded or something was happening like there are so many users trying this app right now so anyhow you just upload 8 10 selfies of yourself and then you have your attack and then basically apps just generates these avatars for you and then you have something like that so these are not like Photo like images this is just some like AI images and I'm actually super surprised that yeah some of the features of devices super close some of the images are completely out and there are a lot of bugs and all of that because it's just like an AI model but there you have it and then you can just use your attack and generate more images like this here I'm showing you a pro version because I upgraded just for the sake of this demo and yeah a few other videos so uh if you have a pro account you you can just do it like this and um you will be able to generate more and more images without any limits so something like that you can have that because I had a picture with a with a cap now it just generates images with the cap um so something around that uh yeah and then you can just uh retouch you can get variations and generate new images regenerate them again and then you can also just save them or share with friends and the cool thing about this app to generate more and more images you don't need to add more and more selfies you just have your own first model and then that's it I think it will just continue to train itself so anyhow this is how it works hope this was helpful

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