How to create AI avatars in PixelCut app?

so here is pixel cut app so um yeah how to create AI avatars here so just tap on a avatars button and then you can create a avatar is just from this app you plot at least 10 images of yourself and pixel cut will generate 100 unique avatars it will take at least one hour an hour for the AI to generate your avatars will send you a notification so here's some recommendations uh photos from different angles photos with different backgrounds up close photos of your price don't include other people nothing covering your face no children uh non-unity and all of that so yeah just also make sure to include like different face expressions different moods different emotions and then you will just have like a bigger range of forest which will be just uh you know not all the same expression if you're sadly smiling and then you just need to select the 10 selfies you can just go to yourself his album it's just like an example of course this is not the best example here because uh yeah and then it just starts importing uh okay so I need additional photo then you select your gender and then unfortunately you still need to pay even if if you're on a paid subscription with pixel cut you still need to purchase it for 5.99 if you are not on subscription or you can save 50 with the pro subscription so yeah there you have it and why is it additional paid because creating AI avatars is very expensive due to the high computational power required however made it as affordable and quick as possible so yeah that's what it is uh yeah it's a computational power for all these AI images is actually pretty expensive and 5.99 100 hour DARS it's a it's okay price if you go to other apps like Lanza AI or some other apps uh you will see that that's the price range you will need to pay for like to get 100 AI images of course out of this hundred you won't be able to use all of them because some of them will have this AI defects and some of them will just not be that good but I guess like 10 20 images will be like of the decent quality that's uh what you have here and yeah so that's basically how you can do it

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