How to create an account in Hayo AI app?

Hayo AI app is a rapidly rising in popularity application that I would definitely recommend trying out. Currently, it has just under 200 ratings, but its constant new updates make it worth checking out. The app offers two main functionalities: AI chat and AI draw. With AI chat, users can engage in conversations, while AI draw allows users to create characters and draw various things.

If you want to create an account in Hayo AI app, the process is quite straightforward. Start by opening the app and looking for the three dots located in the top right corner of the screen. Tap on those three dots and a menu will appear. From there, select "Settings".

In the settings menu, you will find options for creating an account. Hayo AI app offers the convenience of using either your Google or Apple account to sign in. Simply choose the option that suits you best and proceed with the login process. Once you have successfully signed in with one of these services, your account will be created, granting you access to additional functionality.

With your newly created Hayo AI app account, you will be able to fully explore and enjoy the app's features. Whether you're interested in engaging in AI chat or unleashing your creativity with AI draw, the possibilities are endless.

To sum it up, creating an account in the Hayo AI app is a simple and convenient process. Just tap on the three dots, select "Settings", and sign in using your Google or Apple account. Don't miss out on the exciting new functionalities this app has to offer - give it a try and unleash your creativity!

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