How to create an account in Hektar app?

here one so here's hectar app so yeah you can just tap in top left and then you can just tap sign up and log in and here you can continue to respond Facebook Google or Apple so that's how you create your account so for example we can just continue with apple here uh okay so for some reason uh now it's kind of working and then here you can see uh where this app is available it's kind of going viral in this in these countries it's not that popular in your ass or Europe only if there is a specific community of that so yeah uh that's basically the idea and yeah now you just created an account and this app is kind of like combination of Instagram and Tick Tock in one app so you can see for you field you can see Live accounts but as you can see there is no not much like English language here there are not many people in Europe for that app you can see all activity you can see your account uh uh yeah so that's basically and then you can also delete your account in the bottom if you want um so yeah that's the app

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