How to create an account in HiPal app?

here is interesting app which is called hypal and it's recently it's climbing in the top charts in the social networking category so i just was curious how it looks like so hypal is an online social app that takes a unique and innovative price to the classic walkie-talkie within seconds your device can be a walkie-talkie that allows you to chat with friends anywhere anytime you can even hear your walkie-talkie outside of hypeal while watching video in another app and even when your screen is locked so yeah remember walkie-talkie so that's basically this app does that you can create group chats pop-up emojis post exciting moments and seems there is also like a widget so yeah there were a bunch of walkie-talkie apps out there but this app takes it to the another level with all the widgets with you know all the additional features and to create an account you can only do it with apple so just sign up here with apple id and then here you have it this is what's and that's basically how you created your account hello hello and now yeah you can also chat here and then there is some online community uh you can also explore and then you can go to some fields and add some friends so yeah that's basically the idea

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