How to create an account in OmeTV app?

first home TV app and let's explore how it works he's grown in the charts and social networking so let's just download it and see all the details start dating in the video chat see new photos every day stereo favorite profiles send messages to anyone start dating and making friends in the omptv video chat app the famous on TV goes dating now you can meet new people in video chat and stay in touch uh with your friends on social new Social Network so yeah now it's like random video chat app now uh uh dating profiles here so let's just explore it and then you can just add like that's how you create an account and there you have it your account is being created now you can just explore other profiles then there is like a home TV section here and that's like a random video chat then you have messages and then that's your profile and then uh yeah so for example you can try to message someone or yeah but be careful with all these apps a lot of them are pretty scammy to be honest and sometimes they are just not that high quality and there is a lot of scam accounts and all of that but just let's see how this app is develops

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