How to create an account in Peloton app?

hey everyone so here's peloton app if probably you know what peloton is it's like at home gym fitness device which you can buy but of course there is an app and you can install this app and have some additional guidance there is already a screen on peloton devices where you can have fitness instructions and all of that but there is also an app so let's try to install it that's how you install it on ios device it's pretty large app actually it's 390 megabytes so you should have that amount of free storage in your device and yeah it has 500k ratings and 4.9 out of 5 average review so yeah we can see some ratings here so some people are telling that they really like that they are obsessed with the app um best thing i've done to yourself the best app and all of that so yeah there you have it so let's try to open it yeah i think you need to have a peloton device to use this app but let's explore like what's exactly is here so maybe let's just also start creating an account let's create an account to see how it works yeah so here you can just join live and on demand classes thousands of studio classes cycling around in boot camp outdoor yoga strengths any equipment real time motivation and so yeah what's your email so let's try to sign up you can also sign up for newsletter password agree determine conditions and there you have it seems like that username already exists uh there you have it okay secret bunker sounds right you can add your photo then you can skip which palette and products so either mobile app or tv app you can connect it to health app you can connect to notifications uh and then you can join peloton subscription but of course you can just start the app without the subscription and then you can start also your first class so there you have it so super interesting that's how you create an account and get started with the app so here you have like featured word codes i think you can view them even without yeah so you can do that uh it's on starting registration then there are like challenges um then there are all the classes programs collection schedule then there is your profile and then there is more so there you have it hope that is helpful that step                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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