HOW TO create an account in starryai app?

here is Starry AI app where you can generate AI artwork based on prompts but also it is it is like a social media where you can follow other people but for that you'll need to create an account and set your username so how to do that just go to my Creations oh wait just go to your account somewhere here in the settings I've just seen it somewhere so yeah here if you tap on information icon oh yeah and then you can just create your account with Apple ID yes like the interface wasn't that suggested but there you have it now you linked your account and now you have my creations you have your account if you type here in the top right you can set up your username if it's available you can set up profile photo uh set up your website you can use and there you have it now your profile and username should be set up and then uh yeah when you see my creations uh this will be here so that's basically the idea uh that's how it works yeah and then if you created your profile you can follow people um and that's basically that

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