How to create an account in Wingstop app?

so here's wingstop app so to create an account this is what you need to do just go to the app tap sign up and then here you can just sign up with google facebook or apple so just tap sign up and then you will be able to sign up here yeah or you can do it all school by just entering your first last name and all the details and then yeah so you just sign up instantly super fast super easy nothing special to do you can order carry out you can order delivery but delivery works only in united states then you can just create this win calculator how many in your crew so like two people how hungry snacky hungry starving and run the numbers i really like this tool this kind of this calculator and then it just takes some time so yeah that's basically how it works so yeah anyway i think maybe it just requires some faster connection uh okay maybe you can do something like that so anyhow this is the idea hope this is helpful

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