How to create Story in MeWe app? (Video)

How to create Story in MeWe app?

MeWe app positions itself as a free speech app. At some period, it was among top social apps in US App Store – along with Parler (which later was banned). People were switching to MeWe from Twitter or Facebook to discuss politics, mostly on the right wing side.

MeWe app has a lot of similar basic features to well known social media apps – Facebook, Instagram.

  • To create a Story, tap in the top left.
  • You can choose to record Video, Photo or GIF.
  • You can add and customize text, add emojis, pinch to zoom, add different filters.
  • Then tap to Add Story. You can make it public or share only with Close friends.
  • Your story will appear in the top left.


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