How to create SWEAT wallet in Sweatcoin app?

so i just got the message that uh sweetcoin app is actually releasing a crypto wallet in and it's called sweat make sure uh you download the app to receive sweat [Music] and yeah and then it should be released pretty soon i already did announcements about this release of token and i postponed a few times but since the new date is september 13th the app will give you access to amazing rewards fun games and plenty of new features to make this uh your portal into crypto um so there are maybe it will be some crypto crypto exchange features crypto bank card and all of that but yeah so you need to download the app to receive uh to receive sweat which is there will be their crypto token so here's bitcoin app i've been using it for a while and what it does why it got like a popular it's because it tracks your steps and then you and then you can get like some crypto tokens just for walking and then so yeah you can see [Music] sweat um and then yeah so there you have it join the sweat community on discord on twitter and that's basically it it's an interesting project uh

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