hey so how to create a tic toc story so they just recently had an update and creating a new story is done via the plus button instead of here the sidebar the new stories create model is called quick multi-part stories are viewed in your for your page by typing the video stories are highlighted in your main feed with the story stack so before this update which just happened like 18 hours ago like stories were in the separate sidebar feed or something like that now they're in the main feed and now as you can see here in the bottom if you are able to create a stories you should see camera templates and quick so when you go to tick tock and tap plus you should see this quick option and quick you can create photos or videos so these are separate entities which you can create uh yeah so that's basically it other than that um yeah so that's it is uh um so yeah there you have it um but for me i still don't see this tag quick i don't know why i don't know what the schedule is when this stories will be available for everyone and all of that so hope that is helpful

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