How to customize the border of camera in SnapChat+?

here is an interesting feature in Snapchat Plus it's a new feature that you can change and customize the border of your camera when recording a snap the default camera board and color is yellow as a Snapchat Plus subscriber you can change the color of the border that appears when you're recording a snap go to your profile and tap Snapchat plus membership card tap capture in color choose a color so yep uh here it is capture color and then you can pick the accent color used when capturing a snap per list feature only Snapchat Plus will be able to do that so default is Snapchat yellow I can select Vivid purple and then you can see that uh the Snapchat is now is with the purple it has purple border when I'm trying to record order when I'm trying to so but yeah this gives you some kind of refreshment and yeah this is like the Snapchat Plus feature

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