How to CUSTOMIZE WIDGETS in LOCKET WIDGET? Finally! Separate widgets for friends

here's look at widget and if you just update it to the version 1.6 which was just released recently there is a new loan awaited feature about how to customize the widget and then you can see the feedback here so now you can make widgets for each of your friends and groups so show me how and then you can just create new widget you can add the name to this widget and then you can add specific friends uh so i just have one friend here but you can add like five friends to this widget and add a new locate widget to your home screen after adding new widget tab to customize it tap edit video tip type pick a widget and select friends um so then basically that's i created a widget and now as i say in the uh in the tutorial i need to search for locket here i just go here i add the widget and then i tap oops no i need to tap and hold and then edit widget so yeah this process is a bit complicated and then finally i select friends widget so this is the widget where i will receive specific photos from only these friends which i added to the videos of only from that group of friends so not anyone else and this is a long awaited feature because before if you just install the widget you will still receive photos from everyone so you can have 10 friends on rocket widget and you will get photos from everyone so it was a bit annoying now it's fixed so that's basically

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