How to deactivate a member account on Slack? Updated design

With the recent updates to Slack, the process of deactivating a member account has been slightly altered. A video transcript reveals the steps necessary to achieve this task efficiently.

The transcript outlines the revised method for deactivating a member account on Slack, emphasizing the changes in the platform's design. Previously, users were required to follow a specific set of steps to remove a member from their workspace. However, the recent updates have introduced a new interface, altering the process slightly.

Below are the steps outlined in the video transcript for deactivating a member account on Slack:

  1. Tap on the "Home" button first.
  2. Locate and click on the workspace icon.
  3. Navigate to the administration section.
  4. Access the "Manage Members" option.
  5. Select the three dots next to the member's name.
  6. Remove the member from the workspace.

Although the essential task of removing a member remains the same, the updated design introduces a change in the user interface. The workspace button is now positioned in a more discreet location, requiring users to adjust their workflow accordingly.

On mobile devices, the process appears to be more straightforward, allowing users to access their profile, preferences, and account settings with ease. For administrators, the steps may involve additional actions such as tapping on their workspace preferences icon to manage member accounts effectively.

In conclusion, the recent updates to Slack have revamped the process of deactivating member accounts, bringing a fresh perspective to workspace management. By following the revised steps outlined in the video transcript, users can navigate the revamped design seamlessly and efficiently remove members from their Slack workspace.

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