hey everyone I just um discovered a new way to delete a b-real um I didn't find it before but actually so when I posted my burial and someone left a real emoji um when I tap on that real emoji then I see this menu and then I have three dots in the top right before that I couldn't access this menu so I was just like um yeah if I also receive comments I can tap on comments but if I didn't receive any comments on any real emojis there wasn't an option to get to this menu so basically if you receive real emojis or comments you have here and then you tap on Three Dots and then you can just Tab delete my burial so that's what you can do alternatively you can tap on your um uh yeah you can tap and hold your burial or something let me check or wait you can tap on three dots at the bottom right and then tap on options and also delete my burial from here so you just step in bar it says 24 hour late that that green text so it's very hard to actually tap there and then you also discover that menu but if someone left real Emoji or comment you have another way where you can also delete your b-real or change audience kind of fun I I didn't Discover it before

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