How to delete a conversation in official ChatGPT app on iPhone?

If you're an iPhone user and a fan of the official ChatGPT app (also known as Chat for Google Talk), you might be wondering how to delete a conversation. Whether you're cleaning up your chat list or simply want to get rid of a specific conversation, the process is quite straightforward.

First, open the ChatGPT app on your iPhone and navigate to the conversation you want to delete. Tap and hold the conversation until a menu appears. This menu will contain various options, such as "Copy," "Forward," and "Delete."

To delete the conversation, tap on the "Delete" option. You will then be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the conversation. Tap "Delete" again to confirm.

Alternatively, you can also delete a conversation by opening it and tapping on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen. This will bring up a menu with various options, including "Rename" and "Delete." Tap on "Delete" and confirm that you want to delete the conversation.

It's worth noting that once you've deleted a conversation, it's gone for good. There's no way to recover deleted chats within the ChatGPT app. So, make sure you really want to delete a conversation before tapping that "Delete" button.

In summary, deleting a conversation in the official ChatGPT app on iPhone is a quick and easy process. Just tap and hold the conversation or open it and tap on the three dots, then select "Delete" and confirm your choice. With this, you can keep your chat list clean and organized.

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