How to delete a family in FitBit app?

So how do you delete a family in the Fitbit app? It can be a bit complicated, but the process depends on how you signed in to your Fitbit app - whether it was with your Google account or just with email and password.

If you signed in with your Google account, you will need to manage your Fitbit family through your Google family. This means that deleting the family will be a separate process. To do this, simply go to the link or use any other app that you may be using.

On the other hand, if you signed in with just your email and password, the steps are slightly different. First, go to the "You" tab located in the bottom right corner. Then, click on the "Family" tab. Here, you will need to remove each family member from your account individually. Once you have removed all the members, tap the three dots on the screen and select "Delete Family".

To remove a family member, you can either swipe left on their name or press and hold their name and then tap "Remove".

And that's basically how you delete a family in the Fitbit app. It may seem a bit confusing, but following these steps will help you navigate through the process successfully.

In conclusion, if you're using a Fitbit app and want to delete a family, make sure you know how you signed in - whether it was with your Google account or with email and password. This will determine the specific steps you need to take in order to delete your Fitbit family.

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