How to delete account in Lingvist app?

If you're looking to delete your account on the Lingvist app, the process may seem a bit complicated at first. However, with these simple steps, you can easily remove your account and all associated data.

  1. Open the Lingvist app: Launch the Lingvist app on your device. Make sure you have the latest version installed to ensure a smooth experience.
  2. Go to account settings: Once in the app, navigate to the account section. This can usually be found in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. Access account settings: Within the account section, you will find various options and preferences. Look for the option that says "Account Settings" and tap on it.
  4. Initiate account deletion: In the account settings menu, you should find an option to delete your account. This option may be labeled differently depending on the version of the app you are using. Look for terms like "Delete Account" or "Close Account".
  5. Receive confirmation email: After selecting the account deletion option, Lingvist will send you a confirmation email. This email serves as a verification step to ensure the account deletion request is legitimate.
  6. Check your email: Open your email inbox and locate the message from Lingvist. It should contain a link that you need to follow to proceed with the account deletion process.
  7. Click on the deletion link: Once you've found the email, click on the provided link. This link will lead you to a webpage where you can confirm your account deletion.
  8. Confirm deletion: On the deletion confirmation page, you will typically be asked to re-enter your password or provide additional verification details. This step ensures that only the account owner can delete the account.
  9. Permanently delete your account: Once you have completed the confirmation process, Lingvist will begin the account deletion procedure. Your account and all associated data, including learning history, will be permanently removed from the app.

It's important to note that you only have a limited time window to follow the link in the confirmation email and complete the account deletion process. Lingvist typically allows users 24 hours to confirm their account deletion, so make sure to act promptly.

Deleting your account on the Lingvist app is an irreversible action. So, if you have any important data or information stored within the app, make sure to back it up or export it before initiating the account deletion process.

By following these steps, you can easily delete your account on the Lingvist app and ensure that all your personal data is removed from the platform.

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