How to delete account in Muze Canvas app?

so to delete an account in muse canvas app just tap on the friends in top left tap on your icon and then tap send feedback and that's what i would do because there is no option to delete an account uh in the app so in that case i will just write them email to team admuse dot nyc uh it will include your details on all that maybe it's important to send this yeah this email and then just mention your like phone number anything but i think they already have like user id information so maybe you don't need to include your phone number which you created an account because when you create an account here you don't do it with your email just with the phone number um so something around that um so yeah i hope it can be helpful uh yeah if you're concerned about your data images you send all of the interactions you had on this app probably this is the best way the most secure way just to ask app developers to to delete your account

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