How to delete account in Plex app?

to delete your account in Plex app tap on menu in top left tap on your icon in top right and tap on account and in the bottom it says if Plex isn't right for you you can just tap to delete your account before proceeding please note if you simply wish to change your username email address or password you can do so on your account profile yeah if you encounter an arrow with an app you can reach out to support once account is deleted you will not be able to use the same username or your mail address for a month if you proceed this will permanently delete your account on data and active like subscriptions will be canceled uh any subscriptions build uh uh through the App Store will not be canceled must be canceled in app store refunds are not available for deleted accounts and then you just need to sign in in the bottom to confirm deletion so yeah it's important part about subscriptions if you subscribe Via mobile app then uh yeah on iPhone you still need to cancel your subscription if you just delete the app you just won't do it so there you have it

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