How to delete an account in LiveStatus app?

how to delete an account in Live status app so just tap on your profile in top left tap into your icon in top right then you have account and security and then you can just tap delete my account to ensure your rights when you request account deletion please read read carefully and encrypt the following so account deletion is non-retrievable you will not be able to use this Live status account in order retrieve your follow slacks or anything you posted associated with the account even if you use the same number to register a new account so yeah you can always reach out to their support in case you have any issues then you can just need to tap I have read and agree and tap continue and delete your account like the thing is uh yeah just be careful when deleting your account because it's not restorable for example in be real when you delete your account and if you log in uh you're uh like 15 days or so uh yeah you will still be able to restore it here it's not possible

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