How to delete LEGO BUILDER & LEGO ACCOUNT - full tutorial

Hey everyone, in this quick tutorial, I will show you how to delete an account in LEGO Builder app. Yeah, it's a bit complicated to be honest, so I think you just need to watch this tutorial real quick.

So, here's the app and yeah, you just have the account. This is LEGO Builder app and then in the bottom right, you have your account, that's your account. Then you just need to tap on your icon in the top right. Then you need to tap on "My Account" and here you need to do some quick mathematical challenge. You're heading to, and we need a quick approval from your grown-up. I don't know how is this an approval but like for example yeah you enter this and then you see LEGO Builder wants you to sign in to and then you just go here, you automatically sign in.

So, this is kind of like a parent account, however, I don't remember how I created an account in LEGO Builder. Seems I just used my Apple ID, but anyhow here, you just tap on "Security" and then here you can change your password, you can also change see device history or you can just tap "Delete Account". If you tap on that you will see something like here will miss you, you're about to permanently delete your LEGO account. All data you have stored in your account, including insider's points, will be deleted. Any consents you have granted to child accounts will also be removed. Then you can see a username, then you can see a reserved nickname, and then you need to tap this red button "Yes, Delete".

So yeah, that's how you delete their account from and then you just need to press the button. I won't press the button right now but that's that.

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