How to delete Telegram wallet?

How to delete Telegram wallet?


"how to delete telegram wallet um so first of all telegram wallet doesn't appear in your menu by default so you need to go to wallet bot and basically open bot and create your wallet so only after that the wallet will appear in your menu uh so then there is an option just when you go to your wallet uh in a telegram then tap on it and tap in three dots in top right and then you can just tap to remove from menu and that's you just remove it from your menu if you want to so that's how you can delete it but if you want to just completely remove the wallet uh I don't know there is like ton space so you can also remove ton space here if you want to um um but I don't know if you can just completely delete the wallet um so my so if you want to change uh you can also of course uh just reconnect and uh Delete and uh so if you want to change the wallet connected to hamster combat you can just follow this guy guide uh and then um if you want to select another app then you can just uh do that um so that's the idea here um so yep uh maybe you can just change the wallet from here so you can see uh um so as you can see it's quite complicated to delete your wallet as it is uh you you can follow these guides but at least it's easy to remove it from your menu"

To delete your Telegram wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Wallet bot and create your wallet.
  2. Once the wallet appears in the menu, tap on it in Telegram.
  3. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner.
  4. Select "Remove from menu" to delete it.

If you want to completely remove the wallet, consider removing associated files and spaces. It may not be possible to entirely delete the wallet, but you can disconnect it by following specific guides.

To switch wallets or connect to a different application, refer to the provided guide. Changing or disconnecting wallets may involve reconnecting and reconfiguring settings. Remember, while deleting the wallet may be complex, removing it from the menu is a straightforward process.

In conclusion, while deleting a Telegram wallet can be tricky, following these steps should help simplify the process.

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