How to delete your messages in Chaton app?

If you're an avid user of the Chaton app, you may find yourself wanting to delete certain messages or conversations. Whether it's to clear up some storage space, protect your privacy or just simply declutter your chats, the process is fairly simple.

First, navigate to the "History" tab in the Chaton app. This will bring up all your previous conversations.

To delete a message or conversation, simply swipe to the left on the desired chat window. Then, tap on the "delete" option that appears on the right-hand side of the screen.

Keep in mind that once you delete a chat, it cannot be undone. That means you won't be able to retrieve any important information or messages that were once in that conversation. So be sure to think twice before deleting anything!

It's worth noting that while deleting chats is possible on the Chaton app, deleting your account entirely may require a different method. Unfortunately, the video transcript doesn't provide a clear answer on this matter.

In any case, this quick and easy process for deleting messages should come in handy for anyone seeking to tidy up their Chaton app. Now you can keep your chats and conversations more organized, without any unwanted clutter.

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