Here's a quick guide on how to disable BTS (Behind the Scenes) on B-Reel. If you're unfamiliar, BTS is a default feature on B-Reel that allows users to post video reels with behind-the-scenes content. However, not everyone appreciates this feature, especially when it comes to privacy concerns. Fortunately, there are three options for disabling BTS on B-Reel.

Option 1: Disable BTS during playback To disable BTS, simply access the video reel and turn off the BTS feature. Once disabled, it will remain off for subsequent video reels.

Option 2: Disable BTS before uploading If you've already taken a video reel that includes BTS content, don't worry. You can still disable BTS before uploading it. This gives you the flexibility to ensure your privacy is protected even if you accidentally forget to disable BTS initially.

Option 3: Remove BTS after posting In the event that you've already posted a video reel with BTS enabled and realized your mistake, there is a solution. By reverting the B-Reel to a photo and permanently removing BTS, you can rectify the situation.

Apart from these options, you could opt to delete the entire B-Reel if you no longer wish to have any BTS content associated with it. However, keep in mind that this action will remove the reel entirely.

It's worth noting that disabling BTS on a specific device may not automatically disable it on other devices. Therefore, if you find the feature bothersome, ensure you disable it across all the devices you use to access B-Reel.

In conclusion, B-Reel offers convenient ways to disable BTS, allowing users to have more control over their privacy settings. Whether you choose to disable it during playback, before uploading, or after posting, these options give you the flexibility to enjoy B-Reel without compromising your privacy.

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